We believe eCommerce can be done better.


What we believe in.

We care deeply about our craft. We believe that great teams are built atop a great culture. We believe that building great software isn't just about the stack you choose, but also about the way you choose to build that software. We believe in hiring the best people in the world wherever we can find them. 


UX Matters

We believe that the most successful companies have an allegiance to great user experiences. We strive not to cut corners, and to ensure that we test our designs with real users.

Global DNA

We believe that the next wave of eCommerce is going to be global-first. This means that global considerations can't be an afterthought. Features and design paradigms must take this into account.


We believe that speed is a feature. We strive to make our platform as fast as we can practically make it. We want teammates that are addicted to high-velocity applications.


Customer Centric

We don't believe that good software is just about code-quality. It's about value-creation. We haven't succeeded unless our customer's businesses have improved.


Mobile Matters

Mobile commerce is the future. We believe in an experience that is as robust on mobile devices as it is on the web.


Fully Integrated

We believe that a robust solution should be batteries-included. This is why we aim to leave nothing out of our core platform.


We're building a team of world-class designers and engineers.


We're backed by some of the best investors in the world.

First Round Capital

First Round Capital

Lerer Hippeau Ventures

Lerer Hippeau Ventures

Susa Ventures

Susa Ventures

Upside Partnership

Upside Partnership